ADA Transition Plan

In fulfillment of the implementing regulations of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Baltimore City Department of Transportation is currently developing the self-evaluation and transition plan for pedestrian facilities. Phase I of the self-evaluation began in the Downtown Management District October 2015 and will continue until Spring 2015. The self-evaluation will evaluate sidewalks and curb ramps to identify locations where current ADA standards are not met. The citywide self-evaluation will be conducted over multiple years and phases, and will include the development of a transition plan, which will provide a schedule and anticipated cost to make modifications to the city’s pedestrian facilities in order to meet current standards and create full accessibility. For further questions and/or comments regarding this, please contact:

  • Ms. Betty T. Smoot, City Planner
    ADA Coordinator for Public Right-of-Way
    Baltimore City Department of Transportation
    Planning Division
    417 E. Fayette Street, 7th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202
    [email protected]

BCDOT Phase I ADA Self-Evaluation Newsletter

BCDOT Phase I ADA Self-Evaluation Report

ADA Self-Evaluation – Compliance/Non-Compliance Location Maps for Downtown

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