Check Out My Pothole Citywide Challenge

Mayor Brandon Scott and the Department of Transportation have officially launched the Mayor’s ‘Capture the Pothole Challenge’ to smooth and improve city roadways.  This pothole challenge is a fun way for residents to photograph potholes for repair while helping to improve streets in Baltimore neighborhoods. 

Residents, commuters, and local artists are encouraged to submit service requests for pothole repairs through one of the following channels:

  1. Call  the City’s Call Center at 311, use the android or iOS app, or visit and submit a service request.
  2. Use your creative skills during this initiative by taking photos of potholes on city streets and posting fun images of them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
  3. Residents should include #Checkoutmypothole when submitting a post. 

Participants may submit one entry per day now through May 30, 2021.  The resident that posts the most creative/amusing pothole image will be selected to fill potholes with Mayor Brandon M. Scott.  The winner of the ‘Capture the Pothole Challenge’ will be announced on or about Tuesday, June 1, 2021. 


Capture the Pothole Challenge