Greenmount Avenue Improvements and Streetscape Project

Greenmount Avenue Improvements and Streetscape Project

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) are collaborating to complete infrastructure upgrades along Greenmount Avenue from E. 29th Street to E. 43rd Street. Following a one-build philosophy, construction of underground facilities including new water main and conduit will culminate with surface improvements completed under the streetscape project component. The Conduit work that is underway along the Greenmount Avenue Corridor is being done to strengthen the reliability of a system and infrastructure that has exceeded its design life.  The aging infrastructure is in a state that requires imminent repair. 

The existing system consists of approximately 24 ducts that house electrical and telecommunication service facilities that serve the surrounding businesses and residences.  The current infrastructure is constructed from century-old outdated brittle materials called terra-cotta. Our ongoing work on the Greenmount Avenue corridor is an effort to mitigate long-term service outages and reactionary work that fosters only temporary solutions. Our goal is to end the potential for more frequent inconveniences to the public. Our conduit upgrade is a  critical component of the comprehensive electrical system.  The current conduit upgrade is for the best interest of service providers, the general public, and the community.

Our commitment to performing the rehabilitation work in concert with the Streetscape and water upgrade installation will minimize and eliminate the need for any maintenance work in the foreseeable future.  To that end, the new infrastructure will support new technological endeavors to foster broadband expansion, 5G technology, and street lighting and signalization upgrades in the Waverly community. 

Construction activity for these multi-agency efforts began in February 2019 and is slated to be completed in the Fall of 2021.  Detailed information and project updates


The Greenmount Avenue Streetscape project corridor is 1.25 miles long and runs from 29th Street to 43rd Street. The project is part of Baltimore City, Department of Transportation’s efforts to promote pedestrian use, improve pedestrian safety, and improve the overall aesthetic of the Greenmount Avenue Corridor.

Greenmount Avenue Streetscape