Pothole Project

The Pothole Project

The City of Baltimore has braved the snow and emerged victorious, but our streets have taken a major beating! The Baltimore City Department of Transportation is fighting back with The Pothole Project. And who better to help with this initiative, than you? Do you know of a massive pothole that needs filling in Baltimore City? We want to hear from you.  Please report pothole locations to 311 or submit an online service request at http://www.baltimorecity.gov/311-services and we’ll come to fill it.

What Causes a Pothole to Occur?

When water seeps into cracks of a roadway and temperatures drop below freezing, the water will freeze and expand during the cold winter months. This expansion causes the asphalt to break apart, which is the main reason that potholes develop. Throughout the year, March is typically the busiest month for pothole repairs, while repairs decrease dramatically during the summer and fall.

The Department of Transportation's Response to Potholes

The Department of Transportation responds to pothole issues through complaint tracking, proactive repair work and field inspections.

Crews work in specific zones to service every city street on a proactive basis.  Citizen reports of potholes are responded to and repaired within 48 hours.  Emergency situations are responded to immediately.  

Citizens can report a pothole by calling '311' or completing an online service request at: http://www.baltimorecity.gov/311-services

Pothole Project