Slow Streets Application

The Baltimore City Council passed a bill on Monday, May 18, 2020, to mandate a minimum of 25-miles of Slow Streets in Baltimore City. This program discourages residents and visitors from driving on all “Slow Streets” unless they are necessary to reach your final destination. Slow Streets will also urge all people driving to drive slowly and safely to respectfully share the road with people walking and biking. 

Note: The Slow Streets Application window officially closed on August 14th. We thank everyone that provided a nomination and contributed feedback and interest in the Slow Streets program. 

We received several hundred nominations, and had well over 65 miles of potential Slow Streets recommendations. There were many deserving Slow Streets candidates and unfortunately we were not able to accommodate every application request in order to reach the City's goal of 25 miles of Slow Streets throughout the city.

All Slow Streets were implemented per City Council legislation with a minimum of one mile per Council District and were coordinated with and approved by each respective Councilmember.

There will be an evaluation period once all Slow Streets are installed and that will include an analysis of all Slow Streets nominations. These requests will help inform potential future traffic calming projects.