Traffic Cameras

The Department of Transportation is pleased to offer our latest use of technology to help monitor the flow of traffic in the city. With the use of our traffic cameras, control system operators are able to monitor 24/7 accidents, lanes closures, roadway obstructions and other safety issues on our roads. These cameras can be extremely helpful when it comes to figuring out which route motorists should take when heading to work, school, Inner Harbor attractions, sporting events, conventions and more. Our goal is to reduce congestion and travel times. Just log on to our website to view any of our traffic cameras in real time to determine which routes would help minimize your travel.

The traffic cameras are controlled at the Transportation Management Center (TMC) where they can be rotated, zoomed in, zoomed out and powered down. At the TMC the feed comes in "Live" to trained employees who watch for accidents, vehicle fires, rollovers, congestion, roadway construction, traffic signal malfuntions and any other safety problems that could arise on the roads. When an incident occurs employees at the TMC are able to dispatch emergency services for accidents, roadside assistance, and Special Traffic Enforcement Officers (STEO's) to help facilitate the movement of Traffic. Its our hope that by using our traffic cameras traveling around Baltimore becomes a delight because of our additional planning. Thanks for using our traffic camera system. Please encourage a friend to do the same.

Click here to view the cameras available via the TrafficLand system.