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City Hall Bike Share Station Temporary Closure

Bike Station in front of City Hall will temporarily close on Thursday, August 3rd after 6:00 p.m.

Charm City Circulator - Green Route Delays

The Charm City Circulator Green Route will experience delays over the coming days. We ask for your patience as we work to restore service.

Baltimore City’s Automated Traffic Violation Enforcement System Launches on June 26

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation today announced the launch of its automated traffic violation enforcement system (ATVES) in an effort to decrease speeding in school zones throughout the city.


Letter To Potomac Street Neighbors



100 Holliday Street, Room 250

Baltimore,  Maryland 21202

June 7, 2017

Dear Potomac Street Neighbors,

The City of Baltimore is providing this letter as an update to the changes planned for the Potomac Street Cycle Track. My previous letter dated May 31st was distributed by the Mayor's Office and the Baltimore City Fire Department.  That letter outlined the need to balance the safety of all modes of transportation and the fire safety standards required by the Baltimore City Fire Code.  An attachment to that letter included a draft redesign of the bike lane project that satisfied the Fire Code requirements.

After further discussion, we have determined that the appropriate approach to ensuring that Potomac Street has both safe access for emergency  vehicles and safe bicycle transportation  is to restart the infrastructure design process on Potomac Street. This will ensure that residents, advocates, and emergency  management professionals have an opportunity for input on the Potomac Street bike lane design. DOT will initiate this process by completely removing the recently installed bicycle infrastructure and returning Potomac Street to its previous configuration  within the next two weeks (weather and construction  schedules permitting). DOT will then begin the new design process by: l) creating multiple concepts; 2) circulating to the Fire Department and key City agencies for comment; and 3) holding a public meeting where residents, multi­ modal advocates, and bicyclists can provide input on proposed designs and determine their preference.

The goal of the resulting design will be to strike a balance among traffic calming, transportation safety, the bike infrastructure needs, engineering  and code requirements  necessary to facilitate emergency  vehicle access. The process of removal, redesign, community input, and finalized construction will move to completion as fluidly and efficiently as possible. Residents are advised to return to parking curbside on both sides of Potomac Street following the removal of the bicycle infrastructure.

We look forward to an open and transparent process that leads to the best result for the residents of our City.

James T. Smith, Jr.

Chief of Strategic Alliances

phone: 410.396.3835   fax: 410.576.9425 email: [email protected]

Letter To Potomac Street Neighbors PDF

Safe Routes To School

The objective of the Safe Routes to School Program is to provide safe passage from residence to school destination with minimum disruption by traffic dangers.

Safe Routes to School


Safe Routes to School Installation Project


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