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Youth Snow Program

The Department of Transportation is launching its Youth Snow Program again this year to benefit senior citizens and the disabled with removing snow from their public right-of-ways in city communities. This new initiative will link student workers between the ages of 14-21 with senior citizens who need assistance in clearing snow from their public sidewalks.

Residents enrolled in the program will be matched with a city student who will shovel their public right-of-ways after a snow storm when schools are either cancelled or closed. Residents will get their public sidewalks cleared and students will receive a stipend for their work.

Residents and students who are interested in this program must register between Monday, September 26, 2016 through October 31, 2016 in order to be considered. Applications can be obtained at snow.baltimorecity.gov or by calling 311. Student workers may also email [email protected] Registration forms will NOT be accepted after the October 31st deadline.

Click here to download/view the General Information and FAQs file
Click here to download the 2016 Senior Resident Registration Form

Recent News

Department of Transportation Announces Proposed Changes to the Charm City Circulator

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation announced today that proposed changes will be made to the Charm City Circulator program in an effort to address budgetary constraints.

City of Baltimore Celebrates National Bike to Work Day

This year marks a record number of registered participants in central Maryland Baltimore, MD (May 20, 2016) - Today, Department of Transportation Acting Director Frank J. Murphy joined bicycling enthusiasts to celebrate national Bike to Work Day.  

City of Baltimore Receives $1.3 Million in Grant Funding to Improve Passenger Ferry Services

Today, Baltimore City Department of Transportation Director William Johnson proudly announced that the city was recently awarded over $1.3 million in grant funding to improve passenger ferry boat services. 


A Friendly Reminder: Please Park Next to the Bike Lane

The Roland Avenue Resurfacing project from Cold Spring Lane to Northern Parkway has been completed. This is the first parking-protected bike lane in Baltimore City, and the Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) would like to alert residents of the new parking pattern on Roland Avenue.  People in cars are advised to park in the parking lane next to the bike lane and not against the curb or in the striped buffer zone. 

The BCDOT has alerted parking enforcement that there will be a 2 week grace period of enforcement until October 1, 2016 for residents to adjust to the new parking arrangements. After October 1, 2016, cars parking in the bike lane or the buffer may be issued a citation. The below diagram illustrates where the parking lane is placed relative to the curb as well as examples of how to park properly.

ALSO, a friendly reminder that the speed limit on Roland Avenue is 25 mph. Lower speeds makes our roads safer for everyone, especially pedestrians. We all want to arrive safely, so please be mindful to not exceed the 25 mph speed limit.

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation is currently conducting a six month evaluation of the Roland Avenue Protected Bike Lane. The project was officially marked complete last week.  During this time we are accepting feedback from the community. Community members may submit feedback to Kohl Fallin, BCDOT NW Transportation Liaison, by email or in writing to:


Safe Routes To School

The objective of the Safe Routes to School Program is to provide safe passage from residence to school destination with minimum disruption by traffic dangers.

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