Development Traffic Impact Studies and Mitigation

TMZ Study

The City of Baltimore requires development of a certain size be reviewed by the Department of Transportation to determine if a traffic impact study and/or mitigation is required.  The purpose of traffic mitigation is to mitigate negative traffic impacts on the multimodal transportation network.

New Development, Additions, and Redevelopment over 10 dwelling units or 15,000 square feet of the building are required to be evaluated for Traffic Impact Study and Mitigation requirements. 

Developers have been required to email the TIS pre-scope document to the Department of Transportation, Traffic Impact Coordinator.  This document provides information about the proposed development for evaluation by the Traffic Impact Study Coordinator.

Developers are recommended to download the Rules and Regulations for Traffic Mitigation in the City of Baltimore.

Recent Updates

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) manages The Traffic Mitigation Zones per Ordinance 11-529.  In an effort to increase public awareness of Traffic Mitigation for New Development projects we have created the TMA Fee Tracking document.  This document summarizes the Traffic Mitigation Fees paid and how the Department of Transportation is expanding funds to mitigate traffic congestion within the Traffic Mitigation Zones (TMZ).  
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Traffic Mitigation Presentation August 2018 7.55 MB

Recent Traffic Impact Studies

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