Special Events Permitting & Street Vending Licenses

Do you want to host an event in a public space or right-of-way in Baltimore City? You may need a permit. The goal of the permitting process is to help residents have events in the city that are safe, affordable, and successful.

Why apply for a permit?

  • Permits are required by city code for certain events held in public spaces, but the permitting process is valuable for residents and the city to collaborate on use of shared spaces. 
  • We work to make sure your event doesn’t conflict with scheduled construction or utility work in the right-of-way or other major events already scheduled. 
  • We liaise with other departments for the services needed for your event such as police for public safety, housing for inspections to temporary structures to ensure safety, requests for road barriers and stages, etc.

How to apply for permits?

To host an event in a Baltimore City, select the event type below most relevant to you. You will find next steps, required documents, and supplementary applications from the link provided.

Block Party

A block party is an event or party for residents of one block and their guests. The following criteria must be met for the event to be considered a block party:

  • The residents of one block and their guests
  • Up to 200 people
  • Closed to the general public
  • On a local residential street
  • Free of bus routes
  • Closure exclude intersections
  • End before 9pm
  • Without SALES of food
  • Without SALES of alcholic beverages

For more information, visit the Block Party Page.

Small Private Park Event

Private events (birthday parties, family gatherings, wedding, etc.) at parks are approved by the Department of Recreation and Parks, only if there is no amplified sound. For private events, the Public cannot be invited to participate; nor will selling, vending, or fundraising take place or become part of the private activity.

Participants - Up to 250 guests with no amplified sound, and not open to public. If there will be more than 250 guests, apply for a special event permits.

For more information, visit Park Event Permits through Department of Recreation and Parks.

Special Event

Special Events are all public events in a City park, foot-races, parades, processions, festivals, block parties over 200 participants, and Inner Harbor Events.

For more information, visit the Special Event Page.

Farmer's Market

The City of Baltimore defines a farmer’s market as “a recurring event on designated dates and times consisting primarily of agricultural producers selling their products directly to the public. At least 50% of vendors must sell agricultural or food products as designated by the State of Maryland’s definition for farmer’s market.”

For more details, download the Application for Farmer’s Market.

Event Parking and Footway Application

This is required for curbed lane closures, and reserved parking for events where no Special Events Permit has been issued.

Please note that this application must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the event.

To apply, download the Event Parking and Footway Application.

Park Demonstration

A permit is required for a demonstration by more than 30 people. This application must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to the event

The 2-day advance notice requirement shall be waived by the Director if the demonstration is related to responding imminent events or concerns and size and nature of the activity will not reasonably require the commitment of municipal resources or personnel in excess of that which are normally available or which can be reasonably made available within the necessary time period.

For more details, please read the Park Demonstration Permit Application.

Private Property Event

Certain types of events on private property require a permit through the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development.

To learn more, please read the DHCD Guide to Temporary Special events

Street and Mobile Vending

Street Vendors are any person that sells, distributes, or offers to sell or distribute food products, other merchandise of any kind, or services from a motor vehicle, animal-drawn wagon, bikes, handcart, pushcart, or other vehicles on City right-of-ways.

To apply for or renew a Street and Mobile Vending Permit, please visit the Street and Mobile Vending page.

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