26th Street Wall Infrastructure Repairs

26th Street Wall 2

On Monday, November 26, 2018 a section of the retaining wall on East 26th Street above the CSX rail line through Charles Village partially buckled and began to fail.  The potential failure of the retaining wall between North Calvert Street and Guilford Avenue caused DOT to close 26th Street.  DOT is currently working to repair this section of the wall and sidewalk.

The objective of this project is to address the wall failure by stabilizing the existing slope and building a new retainage structure along this portion of 26th Street.  The Department of Transportation is working with the community to introduce public realm enhancements during construction of the new wall.  The overall project includes but is not limited to drainage improvements, various streetscaping aspects, and storm water management.

26th Street Wall

Project Schedule

Final design and recommendations shall be completed and delivered by the beginning January 2019. All submissions shall include plans, hydraulic calculations and reports, specifications, and cost estimate for review. Construction schedule shall be prepared and posted on this website.

Project Objectives

The goal is to rebuild the wall and restore the streetscape of the compromised area.

Project Rendering

26th St_Street View
26th St_Full Section
26th St_Site Plan


E. 26th Street Wall Presentation