Quick Forms

These are the most frequently requested Baltimore City
Department of Transportation forms.

Outdoor Dining Street Closure Program Application
Beginning June 1, 2020, restaurants can begin to apply for two types of programs, program 1, is for outdoor sidewalk dining, and is approved by DHCD, and program 2 is for streets and parking lanes closures approved by BCDOT.

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Application to Change Mailing Address (Multiple)
Use this form to change the mailing address for multiple properties.
Change of Real Property Mailing Address (Single) 2021
Use this form to change the mailing address for a single property. 

City Equipment Use Application
For use of City services & equipment such as tents, stages, trash bins, etc.

Crossing Guard Request Form
Use this form to request a School Crossing Guard for a designated location. 

Community-Based Programs Application
This application is to be used for Art in the Right-Of-Way, Signage, Tactical Urbanism, Greening, Parklet and Plaza projects.

Event Parking Footway Application 2021
Application to reserve public parking for a Special Event. 

Farmers Market Application 2021
Application to hold seasonal farmer's markets in Baltimore.

Maps & Records Fee Schedule 2021

Minor Privilege
Guidelines on what can and cannot be placed outdoors within the public right of way whether it be of a temporary nature such as awnings, overhead signs, outdoor seating, lighting, etc., or of a more permanent nature such as steps, bay windows, storefronts, permanent dumpsters, etc.

Procedures for Private Development 

Property Consolidation Application 2021
The Consolidation of existing Tax Accounts is completed for various reasons which may include the filing of Building Permits for new development or even the combining of a side yard and a home property for tax purposes. 

Right of Way Permit Application

Temporary Use of Right of Way Permit Application

For builders or citizens, temporary use of the right of way includes excavation, scaffolds, dumpsters, and curb lane closures. 

Vertical Banner Application 2021
Vertical banners are hung only for the purpose of promoting public events in the City of Baltimore sponsored by non-profit organizations, and the welcoming of conventions and trade shows.

Water Meter Reduction Information

Water Meter Downsize Request Form. For Meters Larger Than 2 inchesWater Meter Downsize Request Form; For Meters Larger Than 2 inches

Water Meter Downsize Request Form. For Meters 2 Inches and Smaller

Zoning Ordinance Application
Zoning Ordinance Plats are maps created at the request of the property owner to show designated zoning codes for particular areas.