Toward Zero

Toward Zero - Safer Streets, Safer People, Zero Deaths.

Toward Zero is the guiding philosophy for all of DOT’s projects, plans, and programs.  Roadway injuries and fatalities are unacceptable, so DOT is committed to implementing strategies and designing solutions that can prevent roadway crashes that cause injuries or fatalities.  Using roadway safety as its mission and Complete Streets as its means, DOT is working towards a transportation system in Baltimore City in which every person can move safely, comfortably, and joyfully, no matter their travel mode, neighborhood, or age, or ability.

DOT is prepared to embed the Toward Zero mission into every aspect of its operations and administration, leveraging every resource available.  This webpage will showcase the efforts that DOT is taking to improve safety on Baltimore roadways, with a particular focus on protecting pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders, transit riders, and other vulnerable roadway users.  This page will also be home to crash data, project safety evaluations, safety communications, and announcements.  Additionally, residents will be able to find information relevant to improving roadway safety in their neighborhoods with their communities. Check back in the coming months for more information.

Baltimore City’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan
The Strategic Highway Safety Plan is Baltimore City’s blueprint for achieving zero roadway deaths and serious injuries by 2030. The SHSP presents an action plan for DOT, partner agencies, and community members to transform Baltimore’s transportation system into one that safeguards against serious or fatal incidents.  Prioritizing locations with the highest levels of crash severity and transportation equity need, DOT will implement roadway safety through the following Emphasis Areas:

  • Right-Sizing Driving Space
  • Traffic Signal Retiming and Stop-Control
  • Reduced Speeding
  • Improvements to High Crash Intersections and Corridors
  • Separating Non-Motorists from Motorists
  • Adopting a Safety Culture in Baltimore City Government
  • Reporting and Benchmarking
  • Leveraging Community Empowerment

This plan was adopted in April 2022.  DOT is currently working to operationalize the SHSP into its administration.  Check back soon for more updates on roadway safety initiatives.