About Us

The Department of Transportation provides the City of Baltimore with a comprehensive and modern transportation system that integrates all modes of travel and provides mobility and accessibility in a convenient, safe and cost-effective manner.

Transportation GoalsDOT

  • To restore deteriorated alleys, sidewalks and roadways.
  • To rehabilitate bridges and road structures.
  • To improve the City's traffic control system.
  • To establish transportation hubs and coordinate inter-modal transportation cohesiveness to serve citizens more efficiently.
  • To improve and expand the conduit system so that it is effective in meeting the needs of the expanding growth in Baltimore.
  • To improve signage and eliminate faded signs.
  • To improve City lighting by focusing on major gateways and high crime areas.
  • To examine, evaluate and streamline transportation processes from concept to construction.
  • To support the City's economic growth, downtown redevelopment and other urban renewal and community programs.

The Department of Transportation is responsible for the planning, designing, building and maintenance of:

  • 2,000 miles of roadways
  • 7 miles of interstate highways
  • 298 bridges and culverts
  • 3,600 miles of sidewalks, curbing and gutters
  • 456 miles of alleys
  • 72,000 street lights
  • 1,300 signalized intersections
  • 250,000 traffic and informational signs