Edmondson Avenue Bridge Project

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation is currently reconstructing the Edmondson Avenue Bridge next to the Gwynn Falls, CSX railroad and Hilton Parkway. DOT has selceted a final plans to reconstruct the bridge. The Bridge is over 100 years old and is experiencing common problems associated with a structure of its age. This 542- foot long bridge (almost 2 football fields) will continue to have 2 lanes in each direction and wider sidewalks.

Our goals for this project are to:

  • Provide a long-lasting (75+ years) bridge structure that is safe for all roadway users.
  • Create a bridge structure that is aesthetically pleasing and represents the historic nature of the bridge.
  • Meet long-term travel capacity needs by including the Red Line.


  • Start of construction was November 2016
  • Conclusion duration is 4 years (approximate)
  • The bridge will be replaced in stages in order to maintain a total of four travel lanes (2 lanes in each direction) open during peak traffic hours.


Two lanes in each direction will be maintained throughout the project except during off-peak and/or night work when lane closures may be in effect; Hiker/Biker trail and pedestrian access will remain throughout project;

  • Stage IA – temporarily relocate 16” waterline from north side bridge (westbound) to  south side bridge (eastbound); construct utility manholes
  • Stage IB – place temporary barrier, remove existing median, construct temporary bridge support
  • Stage IIA and IIB – Demo and Construct north side bridge (westbound); install utility hangars and conduit; install new 16” waterline under bridge; construct temporary ramp tie-in from NB Hilton to EB Edmondson
  • Stage IIIA and IIIB – Demo and Construct south side bridge (eastbound); install conduit banks
  • Stage IIIC – remove ramp tie-in at NB Hilton; construct medians, sidewalks; pave final asphalt surfaces; install final pavement markings/signage

Current Status

Stage IIA Construction

  1. North Side bridge demolished
  2. Drilled shaft work complete at Abut A and B
  3. Hiker / Biker Trail re-opened
  4. Build Back substructure components has begun and is ongoing (pier and abutment footers, columns, stem and wing walls)
  5. After substructure built; superstructure components to begin (erect pre-stressed concrete girders, place deck concrete, utility hangars to install new conduit, water etc…, parapet concrete, ornamental fence, lights)
  6. After superstructure built; approach work to begin (approach slabs, slope grading, guardrail, roadway paving,  striping)
  7. When new north side bridge complete; switch traffic to new structure and begin demolition of existing south side structure

Project/Construction Update:  Edmondson Avenue/Hilton Parkway Traffic Pattern Change

As part of the ongoing construction for the Edmondson Avenue Bridge, the ramp to eastbound Edmondson Avenue from northbound Hilton Parkway has been temporarily closed for utility work. 

In order to access eastbound Edmondson Avenue from Hilton Parkway, traffic will be detoured north on Hilton Parkway, and left on Hilton Street to eastbound Edmondson Avenue.   

This ramp is expected to remain closed until the first week of January 2019.




Plan LRT
Plan LTR



Section With No LRT
Section No LRT