How Do I?

  • What If I Need More Information?

    You may visit the Minor Privilege Section located in the Harry S. Cummings Building, Department of Transportation, Minor Privilege Section, 401 E. Fayette Street, Suite 101, Baltimore, MD 21202 or call (410) 396-3346 for more information.

  • How Do I Determine The Status Of My Application?

    The Minor Privilege Section will notify you regarding the status of your application.  

  • How long will the permit application process take?

    The application is forwarded to various City agencies for review and comment.  After all reviews are completed, the application is placed on the next available Board of Estimates agenda.  All permit applications for Outdoor Seating must be heard before the Board of Estimates. The average timeframe is 6 to 8 weeks.

  • How Is Payment Made?

    a) The First Years Charge is collected when approved by the Board of Estimates.  This initial payment is prorated quarterly.  
    b) Cash, Check or Money Order, made payable to the Director of Finance, are accepted.   For information regarding the type of Credit Cards accepted please contact  (Email Link)
    c) Future payments can be mailed, paid online, or walked into the Lobby of the Abel Wolman Municipal Building, 200 Holliday St., Baltimore, Md. 21202. Additional payment information can be found on-line at Keyword “Payments”.

  • How Much Will This Permit Cost?

    The Minor Privilege Permit is an annual charge and a lien on the property.  There is a minimum charge of $337.50 for up to 80 square feet, and an additional charge of $14.00 per square foot over 80 square feet.

  • How Can I Determine Who Owns The Adjoining Property?

    You will need to meet with the Minor Privilege Section staff for an initial review, which will help determine if the site plan is complete, the allowable area of use is correct, and other items that will allow you to submit a complete application. The Minor Privilege Section will verify who is to be notified, and will supply this information to you at that time.

  • What Else Will I Need?

    After making an application, you must notify the adjoining property owners by Certified Mail.  Notification shall consist of sending a copy of the application by “Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested”.  The “Return Receipts”,  demonstrating notification was made or attempted, must be submitted to the Minor Privilege Section at least 2 weeks prior to the Board of Estimates hearing on the application.  Please call the Minor Privilege Section at (410) 396-3346 to verify when the application will be on the Board of Estimates agenda.

  • What if I can’t get my U & O modified to include outdoor table service?

    If modification to the U & O is denied by Zoning you may be referred to the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals (BMZA) for further action. When approved by the BMZA, you will be redirected back to Zoning to complete the U & O process.  Once this process is completed, you will be referred to the Minor Privilege Office.   Please provide a copy of the BMZA approval with your minor privilege application packet and:

    1. Eleven (11) copies of a site plan drawn to scale, indicating the proposed outdoor seating area boundary and surrounding streetscape details.  The site plane must cover a minimum five (5) feet on either side of the building line and must clearly outline property lines, sidewalk size, trees, parking meters, bus stops, fire hydrants, and any other items that may obstruct the sidewalk.  In the defined seating area, locate the number and arrangement of tables and chairs showing seating capacity, umbrellas, and any entrances and exits, and indicate if any temporary barriers will be used:   SEE SKETCH and “Outdoor Seating Area Specifications” section for additional site plan standards and regulations.
    2. Please submit one (1) copy of the site plan and completed application to the Minor Privilege Office for review before submitting the full package of eleven (11) site plans.  
  • Where Do I Obtain Use And Occupancy Permit Information?

    This information is provided by Zoning Administration and Enforcement (Zoning) located in the Charles Benton Building, 417 East Fayette Street, Room 147 Baltimore, Md. 21202.  (410) 396-4126

  • What Do I Need To Bring With Me To Apply For This Permit?

    Applications for a Minor Privilege Permit for an Outdoor Café can be obtained from the Department of Transportation, Minor Privilege Section located in the Harry S. Cummings Building, 401 E. Fayette Street, Suite 101, Baltimore, MD 21202, or online at, Keyword “Permits”, select “Minor Privilege Permits” click “Minor Privilege Application”.  

    Each Outdoor Café request must include the following:

    1. A completed Minor Privilege Application
    2. Evidence that the Use and Occupancy (U & O) Permit incorporates or will incorporate outdoor table service.  This evidence may include :

    a) A copy of the valid U & O Permit incorporating outdoor table service; or

    b) A copy of the “Filing Fee” papers indicating your request to include outdoor table service on your U & O.

  • Who Is Responsible For Getting The Permit?

    The property owner is responsible for the permit although an authorized person may be sent to obtain the required documents.

  • Is There An Application Fee?

    There is no fee to apply.

  • I Want To Set-Up An Outdoor Seating Area On The Sidewalk For My Restaurant That Is Accessible Only To My Patrons. Do I Need A Permit?

    Yes. Outdoor Café Seating in the public right of way requires a Minor Privilege Permit.

  • What If The Outdoor Seating Is On Private Property?

    You do not need a Minor Privilege Permit if the seating is on private property.  You should verify with Zoning Administration and Enforcement (Zoning) if additional permits are required by calling (410) 396-4126.