Bike Rack Request Form

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation (DOT) will provide bicycle parking racks by request, installed in the order that requests are received and as the City’s staff time/budget allows. DOT will install bicycle parking racks within the public right of way and at City-owned facilities; DOT will not install bicycle parking racks on private property or property owned by other public agencies. Making a request for a bicycle parking rack installation is not a guarantee that a rack will be installed. Once a request is received a representative from DOT will contact the requestor within 30 days and the location will be evaluated. If the location is deemed suitable it will be added the queue for installation.  

The Bicycle Parking Rack Request Form should be completed by the owner or administrator of the location making the request. A request may also be submitted by the general public, which will alert DOT to the need for bicycle parking in a particular area but will not necessarily trigger further steps in the installation process.