Bike and Scooter Parking


Property owners may install bicycle and scooter parking in the right-of-way by applying for a minor privilege permit and following all city standards.

DOT Public Bike & Scooter Parking Program

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation (DOT) accepts bicycle parking racks and scooter parking corral requests and prioritizes free installations provided that minimum standards are met. The Bicycle Parking Rack Request Form should be completed by the owner or administrator of the location making the request. A request may also be submitted by the general public, which will alert DOT to the need for bicycle parking in a particular area but will not necessarily trigger further steps in the installation process unless the adjacent location approves of the request. DOT installation guidelines:

  • The parking will be installed as the City’s staff time/budget allows.
  • DOT will install bicycle parking racks and scooter parking corrals within the public right of way and at City-owned facilities; DOT will not install bicycle parking racks on private property or property owned by other public agencies.
  • Making a request is not a guarantee that the bike and/or scooter parking will be installed.
  • Once a request is received a representative from DOT will contact the requestor within 30 days and the location will be evaluated. If the location is deemed suitable it will be added the queue for installation.  

Installation Requirements and Prioritization


Bike Racks

Scooter Corrals

Approval from adjacent Property Owner*

*If the parking will go in front of 417 E Fayette, the adjacent property owner is the owner of 417 E. Fayette


For scooter only parking: Two Week notice period required, installation may proceed if no objections are filed.

For scooter corrals with bike parking: Required.

Sidewalk or Path Clearance

Installation must leave 4 feet of navigable space.

Installation must leave 4 feet of navigable space.

Geographical Spread

No requirements, racks in locations without nearby bike parking prioritized.

No more that 25% in any planning district.

Adjacent Land Use

Commercial areas prioritized.

Commercial areas prioritized.


Locations near bike facilities and transit prioritized.

Locations near bike facilities and transit prioritized.

Design (click to view past installation examples)

Green U Rack

Bike Parking

Striped Corral Only

Bike Parking

Striped Corral with Bike Racks

Bike Parking


Installation queue is currently about 6 months and installation cannot be performed when weather is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Installation queue is currently about 3 months.