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About BMore Bright

Baltimore City is committed to creating a brighter, safer and smarter city by improving lighting in Baltimore’s neighborhoods.  With the BMore Bright initiative, energy efficient LED bulbs will be used to upgrade and increase lighting throughout the city. The purpose of the project is to upgrade, modernize, and unify the city of Baltimore’s extensive street lighting network to LED lighting. 

The BMore Bright initiative will brighten Baltimore in two ways.  First, all remaining street lights in the city will be upgraded with energy efficient LED’s, which provide brighter light and increase safety in city communities. Second, the additional LED fixtures will be added throughout the city to brighten dark areas and provide better lighting for residents.  

LED lights are highly energy efficient and produce brighter, more target light than traditional bulbs.  LEDs last 15 years longer than existing streetlights and will reduce maintenance costs by 60%. 

The City of Baltimore has approximately 76,900 streetlights and poles, and the complete conversion to LED lighting represents a $47.5 million investment in city communities.  This project also lays the groundwork for Baltimore in becoming a “smart city”, by using technological innovations to improve the quality of life for Baltimore residents.  Smart technology can help cities run operations more effectively and efficiently, while improving services for citizens and businesses.  Components of a smart city might include public WiFi, smartphone applications, parking sensors and other interactive tools.

LED Conversions

Streetlight conversions are now in progress in Baltimore City.  Contractor crews will be completing the LED conversions in various communities throughout the city. 

Residents may notice crews working on light poles in their neighborhoods as conversion work progresses.  Contractor crews may implement temporary lane or street closures as they work to install the new LED fixtures.  Conversion work is typically performed on a daily basis between the hours of approximately 9AM to 3PM.  Citizens with lighting concerns should contact 311.

Conversions are expected to be complete by Fall 2019.

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