Governor Approves Mayor Pugh’s Request for Emergency Bus Funding to Ease Impact of MetroLink Subway Shut-Down

BALTIMORE, Md.  — Late Friday, Mayor Catherine Pugh called on the Maryland Department of Transportation and Governor Hogan to make available emergency funding that would provide "bridge" bus service for those who daily rely on the MetroLink Subway system that will be closed for an indefinite period due to much needed repairs. The State of Maryland is the primary provider of all city public transit services which include the MetroLink subway system, the Light Rail, the BaltimoreLink bus service, as well as the regional Marc Train system.
 “On behalf of our citizens who rely daily on the MetroLink subway system for their transport needs, I want to express our gratitude to the Hogan Administration for this emergency funding we requested to provide dedicated buses that will travel the metro route,” said Mayor Catherine E. Pugh. “It is important that we do everything possible to mitigate the inconvenience of prolonged disruption of the MetroLink service. This situation provides another glaring reminder of the need for critical infrastructure investment and I will be urging the State to examine the transportation infrastructure needs of the City of Baltimore and surrounding jurisdictions and align our budget priorities accordingly.” 
The Maryland Department of Transportation has provided a range of resources to assist those relying on the MetroLink. All are encouraged to visit, refer to the MD DOT's Facebook page at, follow updates on Twitter @mtamaryland or call 410-539-5000.