Baltimore City’s Automated Traffic Violation Enforcement System Launches on June 26

Speed enforcement initiative will begin with a 30-day warning period

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation today announced the launch of its automated traffic violation enforcement system (ATVES) in an effort to decrease speeding in school zones throughout the city.

ATVES promotes safe driving habits throughout communities in Baltimore. The automated speed enforcement program is designed to reduce driver speeds and make streets safer for school children, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. 

Starting on Monday, June 26, 2017, a 30-day warning period will begin, and ten portable speed camera units will be placed at various locations in school zones throughout the City.  During the initial warning phase, motorists who exceed the posted speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour while driving through city school zones will receive warning notices in the mail.  

Once the warning phase is complete, motorists who drive aggressively will receive citations with a $40 fine.  Citations are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.  These civil violations do not affect motorists’ driver’s licenses, points are not assessed, and there is no impact on insurance.   

Notification signs will be placed at all speed enforcement locations so that motorists are aware they are approaching an automated enforcement area.  School zones will also be identified with special signage that mark the beginning and end of each zone, to caution motorists to be vigilant of students and pedestrians.  The goal of the program is to make the streets of Baltimore safer by changing aggressive driving behavior. 

The portable speed cameras will be deployed at the following locations in school zones starting on June 26th:

·       Frederick Douglass High School:  1800-2400 blocks of Gwynns Falls Parkway

·       Vanguard Collegiate Middle School:  5400-5700 blocks Moravia Road

·       Holy Angels Catholic School:  900-1200 blocks of South Caton Avenue

·       Edmondson Westside High School:  4200-4500 blocks of Edmondson Avenue

·       Glenmount Elementary/Middle School:  5900-6400 Walther Avenue

·       Baltimore Polytechnic Institute/Western High School:  1200-1600 West Cold Spring Lane

·       Gywnns Falls Elementary School:  2600-2800 Gywnns Falls Parkway

The block ranges for these locations are approximations for the enforcement zones.  Enforcement at all of these locations may be on a temporary, rotating, or permanent basis.

To learn more about Baltimore’s ATVES visit:


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