Baltimore Bike Share Gearing Up For Its One Year Anniversary with System Upgrades This Fall

Temporary shutdown will be initiated September 17th through October 15th

BALTIMORE, MD (September 12, 2017) The Baltimore City Department of Transportation today announced that the Baltimore Bike Share system will be undergoing a temporary shutdown for maintenance and equipment upgrades in advance of the program’s one-year anniversary. 

Starting on September 17, 2017, a temporary shutdown of the bike share system will be initiated so that maintenance work and system improvements can be performed.  Preparation for phase II station expansion will also be initiated during this time, and operations are scheduled to resume by October 15, 2017.

In addition, upgraded security features will be incorporated during this period as a response to isolated thefts this summer. The combination of always-on GPS and enhanced security equipment will improve the safety and security of the bike share system. 

With nearly 1,800 active users and 40,000 trips, Baltimore Bike Share has experienced high ridership since it was initially launched.  The temporary shutdown period will allow Baltimore Bike Share to incorporate necessary improvements and continue the strong momentum into its second year of operation. Almost 60,000 miles have been ridden with Baltimore Bike Share, and the enhanced features being installed during the coming weeks will improve the bike share experience for riders of all levels. 

During the shutdown, signs will be posted at all bike share stations to remind users of the closure, and information will be placed on the bike share website and phone apps.  In addition, program subscribers and sponsors will receive notification regarding the maintenance work and planned improvements.

The Department of Transportation looks forward to improving service for the citizens of Baltimore and celebrating a successful one-year anniversary!


Baltimore City Department of Transportation:

“Keeping Baltimore Moving Safely”


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