Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young and Department of Transportation Director Steve Sharkey Highlight Progress of the Bmore Bright Program

Through this initiative, two-thirds of the city’s streetlights have now been converted to energy efficient LEDs.

BALTIMORE, MD (November 6, 2019) – Today, Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young and Department of Transportation Director Steve Sharkey were joined by Councilman Robert Stokes and BGE CEO and interim Exelon Utilities CEO Calvin G. Butler Jr. to celebrate the progress of the Bmore Bright program.  With this initiative, energy efficient LED bulbs are being used to upgrade and increase lighting in city communities. 

“Adequate lighting is essential for residents to feel safe in their communities,” said Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young. “This year, over 10,000 streetlights have been upgraded with LEDs, and now two-thirds of the city’s 76,900 streetlights are equipped with LED technology.  This initiative not only increases public safety in Baltimore but also our sustainability, as these new lights are energy-efficient and will reduce utility and maintenance costs for the city.”

The Bmore Bright program was established to create a brighter, safer and smarter city by improving lighting in Baltimore neighborhoods.  A pilot program began in early 2017 along the Penn-North corridor to convert streetlights in this area to LED.  By the end of that year, the program was expanded and 43,000 city streetlights were upgraded with LED technology in communities throughout the city. 

LED, or light emitting diode lights provide brighter, more targeted light, are highly energy efficient and reduce utility costs.  LEDs last 15 years longer than traditional lights and will save the city in maintenance costs. 

“Through our Bmore Bright program, we are working to improve safety and energy efficiency in Baltimore communities by adding new LED lights,” said Director Sharkey.  “We have partnered with BGE to add new, energy efficient LEDs for improved safety and livability throughout the city.”

In addition to the installation of LED lights, the city is also working with BGE to improve response and repair timelines regarding street light issues through the Bmore Bright initiative.  A work group was established to streamline and consolidate processes, enhance public communication and provide seamless service delivery. 

“BGE is pleased to partner with Baltimore City to power a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities,” said Calvin G. Butler Jr., BGE CEO and interim CEO of Exelon Utilities.  “This project speaks to BGE’s commitment to provide residents with distinctive customer service by working collaboratively to identify and implement solutions to outdoor lighting needs.  These new LED streetlights are energy efficient, cost less to operate and support smart technologies, further enhancing their value.”

This project also lays the groundwork for Baltimore in becoming a “smart city”, by using technological innovations to improve the quality of life for Baltimore residents.  Smart technology can help cities run operations more effectively and efficiently, while improving services for citizens and businesses.  Components of a smart city might include public WiFi, smartphone applications, parking sensors and other interactive tools.


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