The Department of Transportation Announces Additional Automated Enforcement Location

Baltimore, MD The Baltimore City Department of Transportation today announces the addition of a new automated speed enforcement location, as part of the City’s Automated Traffic Violation Enforcement System (ATVES).  

Baltimore’s ATVES uses automated speed, red light, and Commercial Vehicle Height Monitoring System cameras to promote safe driving habits in our City.  This program is designed to increase safety by reducing driver speeds in school zones, decrease the incidence of vehicles running red lights, and for commercial vehicles, reducing traffic congestion and damage to streets, homes, businesses, and other infrastructure on posted (signed) streets.

The block ranges and intersections listed for all locations below are approximations for the enforcement zones.  Enforcement at all locations may be on a temporary, rotating, or permanent basis. 

The speed camera monitoring system consists of portable and fixed speed cameras that detect and cite those vehicles which exceed the posted speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour.  Photos and video are taken from the rear of the vehicle.  All current and previously advertised speed cameras can be moved within the half mile radius of the school zone.  Speed cameras operate in Baltimore City school zones, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM, all year.   The speed camera violation fine is $40.00 as prescribed by State Law.  

Implementation will begin on Monday, July 27, 2020 at the following location:

  • 3800 blk Liberty Heights- Liberty Elementary School

To learn more about Baltimore’s ATVES program visit:

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