The Department of Transportation Announces 8 Miles of Slow Streets Across Baltimore City

BALTIMORE, MD — Today, the Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) announced the first eight miles of city roadways to be included in the new Slow Streets initiative.  The Slow Streets Program will provide a safe way to calm traffic, reduce traffic volumes, and give residents more space to social distance while exercising and making essential trips.

Two weeks ago, BCDOT began taking Slow Street nominations from city residents.  All nominations must meet BCDOT’s Slow Streets criteria and will require sponsorship from their respective Councilperson in order to be approved for implementation. Once implemented, Baltimore City residents will be able to provide official comments and feedback to support evaluation of the program. This is a temporary program based on the public heath response however the evaluation will provide valuable information that will inform future traffic calming projects.

Over the next few weeks, BCDOT will install the 25 miles of Slow Streets mandated and approved by the City Council, and the selected locations will be spread across all 14 council districts. Selected Slow Streets will be restricted to local traffic only for area neighborhoods.   Traffic calming measures will be implemented so that residents can practice safe social distancing while walking, running, or cycling.  Beginning Monday, July 27, 2020, the first eight miles of slow streets will be implemented in the following locations:

District 1 Street From To Total Mileage
Bank Street Central Avenue S Patterson Park Avenue 1.38
N Lakewood Avenue E Baltimore Street E Fayette Street
Linwood Street E Baltimore Street Eastern Avenue
District 2 Crosswood Avenue Woodlea Avenue Echodale Avenue 1.14
Rueckert Avenue Walther Avenue Hillburn Avenue
Fairwood Avenue White Avenue Parkmont Avenue
Idaho Avenue Belair Road Hilltop Avenue
Benton Heights Avenue White Avenue Powell Avenue
Birchview Avenue Ridgeview Avenue Fairdel Avenue
District 3 List Avenue Cold Spring Lane Harford Road 1.06
  Evergreen Avenue Harford Road Laurelton Avenue  
  Northway Drive Moyer Avenue Hilltop Avenue  
District 4 Glenwood Avenue Northwood Drive Kelway Road 1.08
Croydon Road Northern Parkway St. Albans Way
Hollen Road Sycamore Road York Road
E. Melrose Avenue Bellona Avenue Northern Parkway
Kelway Road Glenwood Avenue Stonewood Road
Lortz Lane York Road Bellona Avenue
District 10 3rd Street Maude Avenue Frankle Street 1.36
2nd Street Chesapeake Avenue Jack Street
Filbert Street Curtis Avenue W Bay Avenue
District 11 Warren Avenue (100 - 400 blocks) Light Street Henry Street 1.2
Battery Avenue (800 block) Key Highway Warren Avenue
Harlem Avenue N Fremont Avenue Myrtle Avenue
Edmondson Avenue N Fremont Avenue McCullogh Circle
Myrtle Avenue N Fremont Avenue McCullogh Circle
McCullough Circle Myrtle Avenue Pennsylvania Avenue
District 14 E 29th Street Kirk Avenue Fenwick Avenue 1.45
E 32nd Street The Alameda Harford Road
Tivoly Avenue Harford Road E 32nd Street
Pacific Street Keswick Road Chestnut Avenue
Ellerslie Avenue E 33rd Street 36th Street
Total Number of Miles: 8.67

Motorists are advised to only use designated Slow Streets if their destination is located within the Slow Street corridor.  Residents, emergency vehicles, deliveries, and trash collection vehicles still have access to Slow Street areas.  City streets with truck routes or bus routes are not eligible for a Slow Streets designation.

BCDOT will continue to take Slow Street nominations until the end of August.  To submit a Slow Street nomination, residents can visit our website at


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