Department of Transportation Launches 30-Day Community Engagement Transit Survey

Citizens can provide survey responses throughout the month of November; This information will be incorporated into the City’s new Transit Development Plan

BALTIMORE, MD (November 3, 2021)The Baltimore City Department of Transportation today announced that a new community engagement survey has been launched to solicit feedback for the creation of the city’s new Transit Development Plan.

The Department of Transportation is working on a Transit Development Plan (TDP) for its Charm City Circulator bus service and the Harbor Connector ferry shuttle service.  The TDP will serve as a strategic guide to address the city’s changing transit service needs by prioritizing service improvements and outlining possible service changes over the next 5 years. 

“This 5-year transit investment strategy will identify opportunities to improve existing Charm City Circulator routes and increase equitable service capacities,” said Mayor Scott.  “Transportation is a key quality of life issue, especially for those in underserved communities, so this transit plan lays the foundation for building an inclusive, equitable transit system needed to serve the residents of Baltimore City.”

As part of the TDP process, the Department of Transportation is soliciting feedback about the Charm City Circulator and Harbor Connectors services with an online community survey.  This survey is being conducted to better understand the transit needs of Baltimore City and to learn respondents’ perspectives on these two services.  The survey will also help to identify current and future transit opportunities, along with any challenges.  Feedback from the survey will be used in the creation of the TDP to provide recommendations for improved Charm City Circulator and Harbor Connector services.

“The Department of Transportation strongly encourages all residents, visitors and transit patrons to participate in this important community survey,” said Director Sharkey.  “Community feedback is valuable information that is needed for our planning process and the creation of the TDP, which will help to shape the future of Charm City Circulator and Harbor Connector service in Baltimore City for the next five years.”

The Community survey will be open now through November 30, 2021 and is available at or by using the QR code below.  The latest TDP project information can be found by visiting

In addition to the community survey, the Department of Transportation will be holding its first TDP public meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7pm.  This public meeting will be held virtually, and a link to the meeting will be posted at  Citizens are encouraged to attend.





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