Department of Transportation Urges Residents to Plan Ahead for the Tuesday Morning Commute

Icy conditions expected as temperatures drop overnight; Motorists are advised to stay off the roads as crews continue to treat city streets

BALTIMORE, MD (January 3, 2022) — The Baltimore City Department of Transportation would like advise motorists to plan ahead for the Tuesday morning commute and to stay off the roads if at all possible.  Icy conditions are expected to develop as temperatures drop overnight which may create hazardous driving conditions.

“With temperatures expected to drop well below freezing tonight, our crews will be working around the clock so that city streets are as safe as possible,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “I strongly urge residents to delay their morning travels if at all possible so that our snow team can efficiently treat city streets.”

Residents are encouraged to plan ahead and be prepared for inclement weather. Motorists are advised not to travel overnight and on Tuesday morning so that snow crews can treat city streets more efficiently.  Vehicles that become disabled obstruct the movement of plows and hinder removal efforts. 

“With the possibility of icy conditions developing overnight, we advise citizens to use extreme caution if they must travel,” said Director Steve Sharkey. “Slippery conditions could develop on wet roadways and sidewalks, so everyone should keep in mind that what appears to be wet could be ice, especially on untreated surfaces and infrequently traveled roadways.”

Residents who must travel are encouraged to take the following precautions:

  • Completely clear snow from your vehicle before driving.  Snow on your vehicle can fall off while driving and create hazardous conditions for other motorists. 
  • Reduce speeds while driving in winter weather and allow extra stopping distance for safety.  Posted speed limits are based on ideal weather conditions and not recommended for snow.  Remember to ‘take it slow on ice and snow’ when traveling.
  • Motorists should never “crowd the plow” by staying behind working snow vehicles and allowing them plenty of space to operate.
  • Be aware that conditions can change rapidly, and winter precipitation can cause roadways to become slick, especially on bridges, ramps, overpasses and less frequently traveled areas.

For updated weather forecasts and traffic conditions, residents should tune into local news stations, check media resources and visit the city’s snow page at



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