Department Of Transportation To Temporarily Suspend Enforcement Operations Of The ATVES Program

Yesterday, on April 15, 2013, the Baltimore City Department of Transportation suspended its ATVES program in order to further evaluate the performance of the system. Due to complications that arose during the transition to our new vendor, conversion to the new system requires more work to ensure system accuracy.

We recently discovered two clerical mistakes involving ATVES citations. One involves payment options listed on the citations and the second involves the posted speed limit along The Alameda. This has prompted our decision to suspend enforcement operations for further evaluation of the entire program. The clerical mistakes that were recently discovered do not relate to the accuracy of the radar technology.

“The Department of Transportation finds these mistakes unacceptable and is working diligently to maximize program accuracy,” said Frank Murphy, Acting Director of the Department of Transportation. “We want to ensure that the program continues to improve traffic safety in Baltimore.”

Sadly, thousands of motorists continue to speed in school zones throughout the city. It’s dangerous and we have an obligation to make our streets safe.



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