Department Of Transportation Acquires Right-Of-Way Services Division

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation Director William Johnson today announced the addition of a new Division to the Department.  Beginning Wednesday, July 01, 2015 the Right-of-Way Services Division is being transferred from the Department of General Services (DGS) to the Department Transportation (DOT).

The Right of Way Services Division provides services that include right-of-way permits, special events permits, street vendor licenses, minor privileges, developer’s agreements, easements and other agreements that allow usage of the City’s roads, alleys and sidewalks. The division also maintains the real property database for the City and sets property address numbers.

Transferring the functions of the Right-of-Way Services Division to DOT will help streamline the internal review process since DOT maintains the City’s streets, alleys and sidewalks. This transfer of services will improve customer service by:

  • Having one department oversee investigations and inspections.
  • Simplifying and expediting consumers’ permit application processes.
  • Aligning DOT’s and DGS’s operations more closely with their respective missions.

The Right-of-Way Services Division will remain at its current location in the Abel Wolman Municipal Building located at 200 Holliday Street. Citizens looking for online information and Right-of-Way forms should refer to the Department of Transportation’s website a or call 410-396-1675.

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