Department Of Transportation Prepares For Hurricane Joaquin

The Department of Transportation strongly advises residents to prepare for the expected heavy rain and strong winds which may accompany Hurricane Joaquin. While the track of the storm is still uncertain, heavy winds and downpours will occur over the weekend and into the early part of next week.

The Department of Transportation is preparing for the storm and we ask that residents and motorists prepare as well. Motorists that do not need to drive should shelter in place. Those who must drive should exercise extreme caution and should not attempt to drive through standing water or flooded roadways and bridges. Motorists should drive cautiously during the storm by maintaining a safe speed and allowing extra following distance, as water logged roads can become very slippery.

High winds and heavy rains may cause power outages throughout the city, which could affect traffic signals. The Department of Transportation advises that during and after the storm, various traffic signals throughout the city may be without power or on flash. Maryland law mandates that motorists treat an intersection without power as a four-way stop. Motorists should approach these intersections cautiously and come to a complete stop before proceeding. The Department of Transportation is preparing for possible traffic signal outages by having emergency crews and equipment on standby. Signal outages should be reported to 311. 

Pedestrians are also strongly advised not to walk through flooded streets. Manhole covers can become dislodged, creating unseen hazards for pedestrians that can be deadly.

The Department of Transportation will have sandbags available for all city residents. The sandbags will be available to city residents both Friday, October 02 and Saturday October 03, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Residents must show proof of identification and will be limited to 10 sandbags each. on a first-come, first-served basis, weather and supplies permitting. After the storm, citizens should place unwanted sandbags in front of their homes near the curb and call 311 for pick-up. Residents should not dump sand into storm drains, gutters, trash or waterways.

Residents should stay tuned to local media channels for updated weather and traffic information. Citizens are also encouraged to follow the Department of Transportation on Twitter @BmorecityDOT and Facebook at Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

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