Special Events Checklist

Let's prepare your Special Event permit application!

  • Event Information

    Your special event might need multiple forms and documents depending on your plan and type of event. The next couple of steps will guide you to determine if a particular item, plan, or document is required for your party.

    For all special events, you need:


    • Event name
    • Event dates, including setup and breakdown
    • Timeline of activities (run of show) including names of performers if relevant, either as a pdf or in text format
    • Estimated attendance for your event
    • Organizer's name, phone, and email
    • Address of the individual or organization who will pay for this event permit


    • Site map - drawing showing location of parking and equipment e.g., tents, fencing, bike racks, and plan for placement of any trash receptacles, dumpsters, load packers, recycling bins, etc. Use this sample map as a reference.
    • A flyer, invitation, or other promotional material

  • Event Planning Checklist
  • Required Supplementary Materials