The Department of Transportation Opens Permit Application Period for its Dockless Vehicle Program

Baltimore, MD – Today, Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young and Acting Director of the Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) Steve Sharkey announced the release of a new permit application for the city’s Dockless Vehicle Program.  The application period for the first annual Dockless Vehicle Permit opens today and extends through July 24, 2019. 

“Dockless technology is providing new and effective alternative transportation options for residents and visitors throughout Baltimore City,” said Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young.  “These bike and scooter share systems which operate without any physical stations have expanded transportation access throughout the city, and help us to meet our goal of providing more efficient and sustainable transportation options for everyone."

With a dockless vehicle sharing program, citizens are able to conveniently rent electric scooters and bicycles for short-term one way trips throughout the city.  Dockless vehicles do not need to be parked in a bike rack or any other designated locations (known as docks).  They are equipped with GPS technology and can be left nearly anywhere.

Following the city’s Dockless Vehicle Pilot program, the passing of Council Bill 19-0324, and a public comment period on Rules & Regulations, BCDOT is now accepting applications for permits which will be active for one year starting in August.  The ordinance and permit rules are based on an evaluation of BCDOT's 6-month pilot where private companies provided dockless scooters and bicycles for the public to rent. 

Upon completion of the application period, BCDOT will score submissions in order to choose up to 4 dockless companies to operate in Baltimore which will best meet the needs of the city.  Selected companies will receive a yearlong permit, during which they must abide by the adopted Rules & Regulations.  

“This competitive application process reflects highly on BCDOT’s promise to create a space where dockless vehicle companies can demonstrate their capacity to serve and increase transportation options for all citizens and visitors of Baltimore City,” said Acting Director Steve Sharkey.  “We will ultimately award permits to companies which can work with the City to provide more access to equitable transportation for everyone.”  

Through the dockless program, BCDOT’s goals are to increase access to affordable transportation options throughout the city and to promote more sustainable transportation modes.  BCDOT will also focus on providing dockless vehicle safety education along with infrastructure designs that include designated dockless parking areas. 

Additional information on the program, the Pilot Evaluation Report, and Rules & Regulation Public Comment Report is available at

The Dockless Vehicle Permit Application, along with the Adopted Rules & Regulations for Dockless Vehicle Permit Holders and the Approved Fees for Dockless Vehicle Program, is available at this link on our BCDOT website:  


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