Dockless Vehicles

Dockless Vehicles

Baltimore City, led by DOT, has launched a Pilot Program for shared dockless vehicles which will last from August 15,2018 until February 28, 2019.  These vehicles can include bicycles, e-bicycles, and e-scooters which are available to the public for rent. At this time there are two companies who have entered into agreements to operate during the pilot period:

This pilot program is being evaluated by the Dockless Vehicle Committee, which has adopted this work plan. This committee typically meets every other Wednesday at 10:00am in the DOT FOXX Conference Room, located on the 5th floor of 417 E. Fayette Street. Meetings are open to the public. Note that the meeting schedule is subject to change and interested parties should view meeting agendas to confirm meeting details. See below for the latest meeting agendas and minutes.

Meeting Date Notice Meeting Minutes
10/17/2018 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes adopted on 10/31/18
10/31/2018 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes adopted on 11/14/18
11/14/2018 Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes adopted on 11/28/18
11/28/2018 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes adopted on 12/12/18
12/12/2018 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes adopted on 1/3/2019
1/3/2019 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes adopted on 1/16/2019
1/16/2019 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes adopted on 1/30/2019
1/30/2019 Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes adopted on 2/13/2019
2/13/2019 Meeting Agenda  

Department Of Transportation encourages all roadway users to be safe, obey all traffic laws, and share the road. With new forms of mobility on the road, be alert and courteous to other roadway users. Scooter and bicycle users should know the following laws:

  • Users under 16 are required to wear helmets when riding
  • Scooters and bicycles should not be ridden on sidewalks
  • Scooters should be parked courteously- not blocking sidewalks, bus stops, driveways, or doorways. You may park it next to a bike rack, but allow space for bicycles to still use the rack.

To submit feedback, please call 311 or email [email protected] with “dockless” or “scooters” in the subject line. Please check back here for announcement of community events where you can submit feedback in person.

Dockless Vehicles FAQ'S