DOT Divisions


The Department of Transportation Administration is comprised of the Deputy Directors, Chief of Staff, Senior Advisor, Operations Bureau Chief, and Transit Bureau Chief. The Human Resources, Information Technology, Fiscal, and Contract Administration divisions are also under the purview of BCDOT Administration. 

Conduit Division

Baltimore City's Municipal Conduit System provides an efficient means of installing and maintaining citywide cable infrastructure for both third party leaseholders and the Baltimore City communications systems. 

The Conduit Division Engineering group provides engineering, maintenance and inspection of conduit infrastructure within the City’s right of way and ensures cohesion between plans of construction submitted by developers, contractors or internal agencies/resources that correlate to applicable permits for use of the right of way and GIS data entry; thereby allowing proper review, approval, and oversight of proposed conduit facilities. 

Transportation Engineering and Construction Division

The Transportation Engineering and Construction (TEC) Division manages the engineering design and construction administration of capital improvement projects (CIP) for the Department of Transportation in the City of Baltimore. The TEC Division is committed to serving the citizens of Baltimore by assessing and meeting the diverse transportation needs of its citizens. 

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is responsible for providing a safe and efficient flow of vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic. Activities include the maintenance of signs, markings, and traffic signals as well as the management of traffic. This management is coordinated through the Traffic Management Center (TMC). Traffic management activities include maintenance of traffic, parking restrictions, events management, traffic signal coordination, truck routing, development review, safety studies, red-light enforcement, and community traffic calming. 

Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining and preserving a safe and well-lit transportation network, road maintenance, and facility repairs to our city's infrastructure. Department of Transportation Maintenance is comprised of ten (10) sections and an internal Milling & Paving operation. These responsibilities consist of the maintenance and preservation of the city’s infrastructure within the city right-of-way for approximately 80,000 street lights, 2,000 miles of roadway, 800 miles of alleys, all medians and right-of-ways and transportation properties, maintenance of 300 bridges, 2 drawbridges and 17 pedestrian bridges, fencing, and guardrails, installation and maintenance of approximately 800 city bus stop benches. The Maintenance Division also provides services for over 250 Special Events held annually throughout the city. A sign and markings section is responsible for the fabrication and installation for thousands of Street Signs, the installation of roadway markings and crosswalks.

The Maintenance Division is also the lead division for all snow removal operations which includes the placement of approximately 1,100 salt boxes. This division also works with the Waterfront and Downtown Partnerships Groups in the maintenance and preservation of the Central Business District and the Inner Harbor. 

Safety Division

The Safety Division provides Transportation Enforcement Services to Baltimore City residents, businesses, and visitors to ensure safe traffic flow and curbside parking. Safety’s goal is to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to our city by identifying and recovering stolen vehicles on behalf of the BPD and by providing safe roadway crossings for our school children. 

Right of Way Services Division

The Right of Way Services Division provides right-of-way permits, special events permits, street vendor licenses, minor privileges, easements and other agreements that allow usage of the City’s roads, alleys, and sidewalks. It also maintains real property databases, including Tax Maps (Block Plats) for the City, and sets property address numbers. 

Towing Division

The Towing Division is responsible for removing abandoned and illegally parked vehicles. The unit also operates the city's impound lot and manages the storage and disposal of nearly 40,000 abandoned vehicles annually. 

Planning Division

The Planning Division strives to design and propose safe, cost-effective transportation for Baltimore City in ways that enhance the quality of life, promote economic development, and demonstrates respect for our environment.

Transportation is more than just streets and highways. The Planning Division works to create and sustain bicycle, transit, and pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use environments, addressing the needs of all users of our transportation system.

The Planning Division develops plans and strategies aimed at building efficient, sustainable, and accessible transportation systems in Baltimore City.

The Planning Division is dedicated to developing and maintaining a comprehensive, multi-modal system and integrated planning process for efficient and cost-effective transportation services. Our section helps to direct an intergovernmental transportation planning process, which is accomplished through data collection and analysis, development and land use studies, congestion and air quality mitigation strategies, strategic capital funding enhancement, and community dilemma resolution. 

Contract Administration

The Contract Administration/Civil Rights Division is responsible for administering all construction and consultant projects. These responsibilities include processing contractual documents for advertisement, award, payments, extra work orders, construction audits, and minority participation compliance.

Additionally, this office is responsible for providing oversight of the Department of Transportation’s Workforce Development project and administering various Civil Rights Programs including On the Job Training (OJT), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Title VI, Title VII- Equal Opportunity Office, and Contractor Compliance. The Civil Rights/Public Notice is also available for viewing.

Transit Bureau

The Transit Bureau is responsible for the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) transit programs and initiatives as well as the Marketing and Communications division.