The Big Jump Project

Big Jump ProjectThe Big Jump was initiated by community partners in order to create safe and comfortable pedestrian and bicycle connections between and within Reservoir Hill and Remington, two historic neighborhoods that are geographically separated by I-83, and which each have significant amenities such as parks, trails, employment opportunities, and local businesses. The merits of creating these connections won the project a Big Jump grant, from People for Bikes, which provided technical resources to the project team. The Baltimore City Department of Transportation took on the design and construction portions of the project.     

The primary facility that the project will create is temporary “pop up” mixed-use trail along Druid Park Lake Drive proceeding west from Madison Street, across the 28th Street Bridge, and along 28th Street to Atkinson Street. This trail will be separated from traffic using water-filled or concrete traffic channelization barriers. A bike lane delineated by flex posts will also run on Sisson Street from 28th Street to Wyman Park Drive; this will create a buffer between the sidewalk and motor vehicles, and will include intersection improvements at 29th and Sisson to ease crossings for people walking and biking, and will reconnect a larger version of the recreational trail loop in Druid Hill Park that is currently closed due to construction.

Community meetings for the Big Jump project were held the week of April 23rd, 2018. Construction of the pop-up trail and bike lane is anticipated for late May 2018.