BCDOT Releases Proposed Rules and Regulations for First Annual Dockless Vehicle Permit

June 03, 2019 (Baltimore, MD) - The Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) announced today — the publication of proposed rules and regulations that will formalize the Dockless Vehicle Program in the City of Baltimore are now available for public comment. “Dockless” Vehicles do not need to be parked in a bike rack or any other designated location (the dock). They are equipped with GPS technology and can be left nearly anywhere.

Following the passing of Council Bill 19-0324, BCDOT released today the proposed rules and regulations for its first annual Dockless Vehicle Permit, and has opened a 30-day public comment period.  The ordinance and permit rules are based on the evaluation of BCDOT's 6-month pilot program where private companies provided dockless scooters and bicycles for the public to rent.  The new proposed regulations will be requirements for companies who receive permits and will be accompanied by additional program support from BCDOT.  

The proposed Rules and Regulations include detailed terms and conditions ­— such as the number vehicles that vendors may deploy, locations where vehicles must be deployed for equitable access, safety requirements to maximize the safety of all users, and much more.  Following the public comment period, BCDOT will conduct a competitive application process to choose up to 4 dockless companies which will best meet the needs of Baltimore City.

“The proposed rules and regulations are a necessary step in our long-term plan to manage the future of a thriving dockless program in Baltimore,” said Acting Director Frank J. Murphy.  “With this approach, we are making great strides to ensure that all citizens across the city have easy access to equitable transportation.” 

Through the dockless program, BCDOT’s goals are to increase access to affordable transportation options throughout the city, and to promote more sustainable transportation modes.  To view proposed rules and regulations and leave a comment on our website please visit https://transportation.baltimorecity.gov/docklessrulesandregulations. For additional information of how the pilot program met these goals and an analysis of safety and public perception, the Dockless Vehicle Pilot Program Evaluation is available at https://transportation.baltimorecity.gov/bike-baltimore/dockless-vehicles

The public is encouraged to submit comments on the BCDOT website at dockless.bcdot@gmail.com.  Comments can also be submitted in writing to the BCDOT at 417 E. Fayette Street, 5th Floor, Room 559, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.  When submitting comments, the public should be specific about the section in question and submit alternative preferred language if possible.

Rules and Regulation Document  File Type
Dockless Vehicles for Hire: Rules and Regulations PDF
APPENDIX 1: Deployment Zones PDF
APPENDIX 2: Equity Zones PDF
APPENDIX 3: Reduced Speed and No Ride Zones PDF

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