Archived Projects

Construction Projects

Key Highway at Light Street Project

Limits: Key Highway – Light Street to Covington Street 

            Light Street – Lee Street to South of Montgomery Street

 This project will include full depth pavement reconstruction from the intersection of Key Highway at Light Street to the intersection of Key Highway at Battery Avenue, with rail track removal.  Additional improvements will include sidewalk upgrades for ADA compliance, new signalization for Key Highway at Light Street and Key Highway at William Street, new channelization, signing and marking, landscaping, various utility upgrades, and extension of the Gwynns Falls Trail.

View the community presentation here.


Roland Avenue Cycle Track

Americans have driven less every year since 2004 and there is a rising demand for better bicycle facilities. This has created a need to implement more cycle tracks to encourage less confident cyclists to feel comfortable on a bike and create better and more equitable access to businesses and communities. The resurfacing project along Roland Avenue from Cold Spring Lane to Northern Parkway provides a great opportunity to add this much-needed structure to improve the safety of the street for all users. To read more about Roland Avenue Cycle Track.

To download the Roland Avenue Cycle Track presentation.


Baltimore Water Transit Strategic Plan

Transportation Planning Projects

City Alternative Transportation Expansion Study: Water Transit Strategic Plan

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) through the 2015 Unified Planning Work Program grant, studied the Baltimore water transit services including the Water Taxi (WT), Harbor Connector (HC), and Dockmaster programs.  The goal of the study is to identify ways to improve the effectiveness of the water transit services, increase regional connections, develop a financeable expansion plan, and improve the financial sustainability of the water transit services.  The Study Area includes the Inner Harbor and Middle Branch waterways with an eastern project boundary of the I-895 Harbor Tunnel Thruway.    To view the City Alternative Transportation Expansion Study: Water Transit Strategic Plan document click here.


St. Paul/Calvert Street Conversion

The Baltimore City Department of Transportation conducted a study (2015/2016) of the St. Paul and Calvert Streets corridors from Fayette Street to E. University Parkway. The purpose is to investigate the impact of converting both streets from one-way traffic operations to two-way traffic operations. The final report presents the existing conditions in the study area and traffic operations for this study.
St. Paul/Calvert Street Conversion Documents


Modified Date


Existing Conditions Report and Appendices 09/01/2016  29.8 MB
Traffic Operations Analysis 09/01/2016  16.5 MB


Lawrence Street Study

 Lawrence Street Study Community Meeting: May 5, 2016

 Lawrence Street Study Community Meeting: July 20, 2016