Safety Division

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Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement consists of Transportation Enforcement Officers who patrol the city by foot and vehicles to enforce the parking laws of the city.

Point Traffic Control

Transportation Enforcement Officers are deployed to critical intersections throughout the downtown area to provide traffic control. Deployments are primarily during the morning, mid-day, and evening rush hours. Officers are also deployed at special events and emergency situations that require road closures i.e. football, baseball, and concerts.   


Transportation Enforcement Officers are deployed in various sectors of the city identifying and booting scofflaw violators, using state of the art systems that identify vehicles that have in excess of three (3) unpaid citations each more than 30 days old.

Abandon: Transportation Enforcement Officers are deployed in various sectors of the city identifying and responding to complaints of abandoned vehicles or vehicles parked for over 48-hour violations. Officers chalk vehicles for 48 hours and /or apply a orange sticker when they respond and vehicles do not have valid tags or are inoperable. If vehicles are left on the street inoperable or without valid tags for more than 48 hours they will be issued a citation and removed from off of public right away.

Crossing Guard

Crossing Guards are deployed at intersections where more than thirty (30) school children cross in order to attend school.

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How to Pay a Parking Ticket

Mail Payments to:

Parking Fines Section
P.O. Box 13327
Baltimore, MD 21203

Pay Online:

Visit Baltimore City Parking Fines 

Pay By Phone:

Call (410) 396-4080 or TTY 1-800-735-2258

How to Contest a Parking Citation

Trial requests can be made by logging on to Baltimore CIty Parking Fines or by completing the back of the citation and mailing it to the City of Baltimore, Attn: Parking Fines, 200 Holliday Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. If mailed, you will receive an acknowledgment letter stating that the City has received your letter. If you do not receive this letter within two weeks of mailing in your request, please call 410-396-4080.