Right of Way Services Division

Right of Way Services Division:

The Right of Way division provides right-of-way permits, special events permits, street vendor licenses, minor privileges, easements and other agreements that allow usage of the City’s roads, alleys, and sidewalks. It also maintains real property databases, including Tax Maps (Block Plats) for the City and sets property address numbers.

The Right of Way division includes the following sections:

Special Events and Street Vendors Section

Special Events: This section issues permits relating to events which are held in Baltimore City that include, but are not limited to, Festivals, Block Parties, Races, Walk-a-thons, Concerts, Parades, Pub Crawls. These events can be in the public Right-of-way, Baltimore City Parks and on occasion, private property. Farmer’s Market permits, Demonstrations, Special Events Permits, Horizontal Banners, Farmers Markets and Block Parties. If you would like to also view and download our forms click here.

Contact: 410-396-1916 [email protected]

Street Vendors: This section issues licenses relating to Street and Mobile Vendors (including Food Trucks).Street Vendors are any person that sells, distributes, or offers to sell or distribute food products, other merchandise of any kind, or services from a motor vehicle, animal-drawn wagon, bikes, handcart, pushcart, or other vehicle on City right-of-ways.

Contact: 443-984-0005 

Minor Privilege Section

The Minor Privilege Section issues permits and provides guidelines for encroachments into the public right-of-way. Minor Privileges range from semi-permanent items like signage, awnings, dumpsters and outdoor seating to more permanent structures like underground vaults and bay windows.

Contact: 410-396-3346 [email protected] 

Right of Way Permit Section

The Permit Section is responsible for issuing Temporary Use of Right of Way Permits, New Water Service Permits and the selling of Plans/Specifications to bidders for City Capital Projects. Permits are issued for Driveways and Curb Cuts, Curb Repairs, Access to Pull Wires, Cranes, Storage Containers, Street, Alley or Lane Closures, Footway Permits, Hauling, Scaffold, Dumpsters, Fences, Test Pits, Moving Trucks, Film & Media Equipment and Street/Utility Cuts.    

Contact: 410-396-4508, [email protected]

Land Conveyance Section

The Land Conveyance Section is responsible for keeping records of City Rights of Way and Easements, facilitates the acquisition of private property to widen city streets or install City Utilities, assists developers with bringing utilities to their new developments within the City and administers the Alley Gating and Greening Program.

Contact: Alley Gating & Greening at 410-396-GATE (4283) [email protected] 

Developers Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Street Openings and Closings (permanent), Vertical Banners: 410-396-5023 or 410-396-3667, [email protected]

Property Location Section

The Property Location Section is responsible for creating, deleting and modifying Real Property Tax Account numbers for all properties (public or private) within Baltimore City, maintaining and revising Tax Maps (Block Plats), naming/renaming street names, managing and maintaining accurate ownership records and mailing address information for all properties, maintaining various City maps and records for City archives and public availability, managing the GIS Parcel Layer and Street Centerline Layer, fabricating Liquor Board License Maps, managing Consolidation Applications, Operating Print Room functions and reviewing E-Plans, Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) proposals, Subdivisions, Minor Privileges and Right of Way Street Closings.


Property Consolidation: 410-396-3800, [email protected]

Real Property Inquiries 410-396-3634, [email protected]