Planning Division

The Transportation Planning Division is responsible for project planning and prioritization of infrastructure investment that assists the Agency and City to create a multi-modal transportation system for citizens to live, work, learn and play.  The Transportation Planning Division works strategically to rebuild, maintain and expand the city’s multi-modal transportation network into one that addresses the transportation needs of residents, commuters, and visitors; supports economic development; incorporates sustainability goals; and realizes the vision of growing Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

DOT Planning has established several programs to assist and encourage communities to take a lead in beautification and enhancement projects. These programs provide a process for applying and approving community-led and community-funded projects in the public right-of-way. Please see the table below for the specific applications and/or additional documents.

Title Modified Date Size
Community Sign Program-Application 08/30/2016 55 KB
Parklets Program-Overview 08/30/2016 1776 KB
Parklets Program-Criteria 08/30/2016 1039 KB
Parklets Program-Application 07/24/2017 64.26 KB
ROWArt-Application 08/30/2016 132 KB
ROWGreen-Application 08/30/2016 128 KB