Right Of Way Permits

The Permit Section is responsible for issuing Temporary Use of Right of Way Permits, New Water Service Permits and the selling of Plans/Specifications to bidders for City Capital Projects. Permits are issued for Driveways and Curb Cuts, Curb Repairs, Access to Pull Wires, Cranes, Storage Containers, Street, Alley or Lane Closures, Footway Permits, Hauling, Scaffold, Dumpsters, Fences, Test Pits, Moving Trucks, Film & Media Equipment and Street/Utility Cuts.    

Right of Way Permits – Fee Schedule

Driveway Installation

Temporary Use of Right of Way Permit Application

Water Meter Reduction Information Sheet   

Water Meter Reduction Request form_Larger than 2-inch 2019.pdf

Water Meter Reduction Request Form 2019.pdf