Block Party

Block parties are parties that are for only residents of one block and their guests. Please read this whole page before applying for a block party for the first time.

Criteria for a Block Party

Your event needs to meet following criteria to be considered a block party:

  • For the residents of one block and their guests
  • Up to 200 people
  • Closed to the general public
  • On a local residential street
  • Free of bus routes
  • Any street closures exclude intersections
  • Ends before 9pm
  • No food or alcholic beverages sold

If your party does not meet these criteria, you can still apply for a Special Event permit.

Application Fee Information

All application fees are non-refundable and it will vary dependent upon a number of factors such as: the timeliness of your application submission and how far in advance of the event you have applied, Block Party Applications must be submitted no less than 4 weeks prior to the day of the Block Party. All application fees are non-refundable.

Application Fee $50 (8 or more weeks prior to event)

Application Fee $65 (6-8 weeks prior to event)

Application Fee $80 (4-6 weeks prior to event)


You can apply for a block party online through a shorter version of the Special Events Permit Application. You must submit a complete application at least 4 weeks before your event date.

Apply now

You can also download a pdf application  and bring it in person to 401 E. Fayette St.

Supplemental Forms

Supplemental forms can not be filled out online. However you can attach/ upload them as part of online application process. Please download and fill out supplementary applications based on your need before applying for the special event online.

You may be required to submit additional applications based on your special event plans. The following are some commonly used supplementary applications.

Application Name When do I need it?  

Application For City Services and Equipment

If you requests for city emergency medical service, police, stages, tents, etc. or required city service  for load packers/dumpsters

Download Application For City Services and Equipment

Application For Noise Exemption

If your Block Party will use amplified sound or play music that will disturb other members of the community, you are required to request a Temporary Noise Exemption from the Baltimore City Health Commissioner.

For a private event, not open to the general public, please use Baltimore City Health Department Form 9-209.

Download Application for Noise Exemption