Special Events

Special Events are public events in a City park, demonstrations, foot races, parades, processions,  festivals, and special block parties. On this page, you can apply for a permit, learn about and download supplementary applications, and get a general sense of the costs associated with your event.

You must submit a complete application at least 6 weeks before your event date*.

We would love to help you through this process!

Schedule a call with the Special Events team.

*Some dates will be unavailable for scheduling if they are over-booked with pre-existing events. Please talk to us if you think your event date could be affected.

Apply Online

When you begin the online application process, you will be guided through a checklist to ensure you have all the information, required documents, and supplementary forms based on your event needs. Once you confirm you have these materials, you will be directed to the online application form.

Begin Application Process

After you submit the online application, a permit technician will follow up by email with next steps, including how to pay any relevant fees.

Apply in Person

If you prefer to apply in person, please download the Special Events Application and the relevant supplementary forms. Bring the completed forms along with any required documents and payment (cash or check) to 401 E. Fayette St.

You can use the online checklist to determine which required documents and supplementary forms you need.

General fee Information

The cost of organizing an event has two components—application and processing fees and the cost for any city services provided.

Initial Application Fees

All application fees are non-refundable.

If you are partnered with a registered 501c3 and can attach proof during your application, a 50% discount on these fees may apply.

For service project type events in parks (i.e. clean ups, tree plantings, or other direct community benefit activities, there is no filing fee to reserve space

Special Event Application Fee

Time before Event Fee
>10 weeks $80
10-8 weeks $125
8-6 $250

Park Application Fees

Time before Event Fee
>8 weeks $75
8-6 weeks $175

Additional Fees

Reason Fee
Fire Department Tent Inspection (over 400 square feet) $45
Park events Security Deposit & Area fee Varies
Park Community Event Application fee (for community schools, churches, and community associations) $35
Park Community Event Area fee (for community schools, churches, and community associations) $50
Application for City Services or Equipment Rental Varies

Service Costs

Services may include fire marshal, EMS ambulance and crew, police detail, electrical work, waste removal, stages or equipment.The services required or requested will vary depending on factors such as: the number of streets and intersections your event is losing, your decision to sell alcohol at your event, the size and type of temporary structures constructed for the event, the use of City electricians for concerts and festivals and, the need to address waste removal. The special events permit team will collaborate with you on your needs and final cost.

Supplementary Forms

Application When do I need it?  
Application For City Services and Equipment If this is your first time requesting the city to provide emergency medical service, police, stages, tents, or load packers/dumpsters the special events team will follow up to help you fill out an Application For City Services and Equipment. You can also fill it out and attach it to your application. Download Application for Services and Equipment
Application to Hang Horizontal Banner If your special event is a public event and sponsored by non-profit organizations, you can submit an application to Hang Horizontal Banner to promote and to welcome conventions and trade shows. Download Application to Hang Horizontal Banner
Temporary Food Service Facility License Application If you are intending to prepare and sell or give away food without a previous license at a public event or special event you will need to apply for a Temporary Food Service Facility License. The only exceptions are if you are licensed and preparing food in your licensed space. Download Temporary Food service Facility License Application
Application For Noise Exemption If your special event will use amplified sound or play music that will disturb other members of the community, you are required to request a Temporary Noise Exemption from the Baltimore City Health Commissioner. Download Application for Noise Exemption
Security Plan If you are planning to sell/serve alcohol in your special event you need to submit a Security Plan with your security company. Please use this Sample Security Plan as a guide. Download Security Plan Guidance
Temporary Food Service Facility License Application If you are intending to prepare and sell or give away food without a previous license, you will need a temporary license. Download Temporary Food Service Facility License Application